Oxford Phil. Soc . Away Day

Your invitation to attend Oxford Phil. Soc . ( OUDCE) Away day, open to non-members too. 6 excellent talks and panel discussion. In person or Zoom.

Oxford Philosophical Society ( OUDCE )
Away-Day 2022 Open to non-members

Ethics of War

19th November D-Day Museum Portsmouth & Zoom UTC / GMT 11am

Discounted admission to D-Day Museum & Dinner


£17.50 or £21.50 non-members Annual Subscription £15

“War is no pastime; it is no mere joy in daring and winning, no place for irresponsible enthusiasts. It is a serious means to a serious end.” Carl von Clausewitz, On War

Unfortunately, the ethics of war remains highly topical; human beings continue to resort to war. The aim of this year’s Away Day is to consider some central topics within the Western ‘just war’ tradition and responses to this. This tradition started with the ancient Greek philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle, and has continued since then right up to the present day.

Six speakers, one from Royal Navy, have been posed with answering the following:

What makes it right to go to war (jus ad bellum)?
What it is right to do in war (jus in bello)?
Can any war be just?
The speakers have a wide variety of possible answers, including, “what can war tell us about ethics?” There is a panel discussion at the end. Zoom attendees will also be able to ask questions throughout the day.

Included: unlimited drinks.
Optional Extras: discounted admittance to D-Day Museum (during the extended lunch break), pre-order lunch pack, continue the discussions over dinner, opportunity to give a gift aid donation to Red Cross Ukrainian War Appeal.

Booking Closes Friday November 11th Much more information on the Away-day link. Booking-form also on the link and details of how to pay.